NEW! Wide version (256x128!) is available for Windows (FROM LAUNCH.BAT) and PICO-8 (via -displays_x 2)!

Quick tip: you can break ice with X ( Q for player 2) on keyboard or X button on Mobile! Press it with Left/Right to break ice from sides!

Note: playing on Mobile is possible. However, in-game music might not work on iOS devices.

You got stuck on an iceberg, where only things you can do is jump, place or break ice and collect ice crystals as quick as possible!

Based on "Not Ice Climbers, Eh?" and Iceberg Calamity, now featuring:

* 2 player multiplayer!

* You can break ice from sides!.. took long enough to add that.

* Several Extras -  Events, Icicles, True Endless and No Time Limit!

* Layouts! Choose from 7 various iceberg layouts for various use!

* Actual music!.. thanks Freakyfishth1ng TrickComposer!

* Tons of visual effects!

* Special JS hacks - different controls + better music! (Only for web) PURE PICO-8!

Made using PICO-8!

Web Controls for Player 1 (for Player 2): 

Arrow Keys (ESDF) = ⬆️⬅️⬇️➡️

Z (Tab) = 🅾️

X ( Q ) = ❎

Enter/P = Pause

Big thanks to Petar K. for helping out with the game!

Install instructions

Notes on WIDE versions:

For Windows: launch from launch.bat to get the proper screen

For PICO-8: launch PICO-8 from command-line with "-displays_x 2" like "pico8.exe -displays_x 2"


Iceberg Curse (Windows) 1 MB
Version 2 58 days ago
Iceberg Curse WIDE (Windows) 1 MB
Version 2 57 days ago
Iceberg Curse (OSX) 3 MB
Version 2 58 days ago
Iceberg Curse (PICO-8 cart) 23 kB
Version 2 58 days ago
Iceberg Curse WIDE (PICO-8 Cart) 21 kB
Version 2 57 days ago

Development log


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