INFI is a very simple 1-bit platformer made with PICO-8.
Level is endlessly generated and filled with chips, blades and pits, as well as lasers!

CONTROLS: Left/Right arrow keys to move, X/V to jump, Enter/P to pause


- What do we have? CHIPS, BLADES & LASERS!

- Every 10 chips the game palette changes! No, you're not in control of which one.

- Platforming code is totally not written from this guide.

- You've been bamboozled to play the game by reading this half useless FACTS! section.

- [Obligatory "Have fun!" message]

Install instructions

"Technical note: Windows file systems do not support the file metadata needed to create a Linux or Mac executable. PICO-8 works around this by exporting zip files in a way that preserves the file attributes, as long as the zip files are not re-packaged.

Otherwise, a Linux user who then downloads the binaries may need to "chmod +x infi"  the file to run it, and Mac user would need to "chmod +x"
- PICO-8 manual


INFI (Windows) 1 MB
INFI (Mac OS X) 3 MB
INFI (Linux) 639 kB
INFI (PICO-8 Cart) 8 kB

Development log

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